Our Philosophy

We trade in Brazilian, Colombian and Thai high quality refined cane sugar with a polarity of 99.8%.
Our sugar is from the latest crops, those harvested in the current season.




SugarEx Brazil has a network of quality product suppliers, shipping facilitators and freight forwarding companies located in the world’s leading sugar producing countries.
This results in the most competitive prices and supply solutions for our clients and customers.



SugarEx Brazil is strongly positioned to provide the solutions needed to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow’s world.
Declining natural resources, geopolitical disturbances and climate change all increase the need for renewable energy solutions.




We conduct our business responsibly and in compliance with the local and international laws and regulations.
Our people are highly qualified and intensely committed and can offer world class products, services and solutions.
We define our Values as~ Impeccible Customer Service ~ Focused on Growth of Customer’s business~ Accountability ~Attitude and Involvement~ Innovation~ Creating Positive Change. 



Four principals that drive our company philosophy are;
*Speed of service.
*Sensitivity to customer concerns and requirements.
*Awareness of changes in customers’ needs.
*Providing workable solutions to customers’ needs.

Ph: +64212789275,
Skype contact: sugarexbrazil,
email: sugarsalesmanager@sugarexbrasil.com
Offices in Brazil, Colombia, London, Hong Kong, Thailand.