July 2016 – Why Us?

Dear Buyers, Merchants and Agents,

We at Sugar Ex Brasil represent over 20 Mills, processors and consortiums
that have access to genuine supplies of current harvest sugar. All our
sugar is from reputable sources and supported by the Brazilian Sugar

We provide proof of product, (industry supported) performance bonds, real
documentation, insurance payments, access to more than 8 ports, and real
time delivery schedules with vessels of 12,500MT upwards. We issue BOL upon
loading plus bank support.

Every step of the purchasing process is covered from support in Brazil to
communication with our bankers, who look after every step of the purchase,
we aim to have your investment with us secure and protected.

Our NDA and contracts are tailor-made to everyone’s requirements as no two
customers requirements are the same. However we make it very clear, whilst
we do offer SBLC, LC and MT103 options, we require full banking

All requests to trade on an SBLC and LC are checked by our bankers and
suppliers for credit worthiness and credibility. You want us to be honest
and give you the best possible contact that there is available in the
market, then we have the right to expect honesty from buyers in return.

At times we can offer some special spot bids, these become available due to
client cancellations and failed payments, however it is best to ask our
staff in advance as these are subject to availability. It is essential that we
are able to see that funds are available.

Example: Spot bid MT103 only subject to stock unsold and funds available;

25,000MT @ $355
50,000MT @ $325
75,000MT @ $315
250,000MT @ $220!!!!

All 50kgs bags, containers are available.

200,000 MT in a silo ( loose ) available for various bag sizes… please
ask for price and availability.

If interested please look at our website: sugarexbrasil.com

and contact our global (24/7 coverage) email where all our senior managers
review your requests: sugarsalesmanager@sugarexbrasil.com

Marc Chalu
Technical Sales Manager
Lanterns Way
Canary Wharf
London E14
United Kingdom