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* Please read the terms and conditions that apply to each of the offers in the special availability for December 2016*

When we say MT 103 we mean MT 103, not SBLC, or LC, or DLC or MT760…. there is a reason it is MT 103, either the price or special availability or both.

Please do not ask for copies of previous confidential documents, you will be refused.

Please do not attempt spoofing… asking for big tonnage with a tiny trial order first. We will only price up on the trial order. We are interested in reality and not dreams.

Please do not try and alter contracts when they are issued, this is fraud and will damage your credit rating.

When making enquiries for stock and prices…. when we ask for means of payment be honest. Do not reply with several options Example: LC / DLC / MT103 / MT760 / SBLC ( This indicates to us you have no idea on how the payment will be made)

If you are issued with FCO’s these are time limited, please don’t come back a few weeks later and expect them still to be available.

If you are offered with contracts or confidential documents and signed a NCDA, any third party disclosure is a breach of contract without prior agreement. This will terminate all contracts, discussions and likely have your business black listed. It will affect your credit rating.

Do not offer payment at discharge port, no producing mill will accept those terms, and neither will we.

Do not lie about payments, a lot of hard work goes into obtaining credit facilities with the processing mills, it takes many hours of work to obtain credibility and credit checks on both customer and customers banks. There are very serious consequences for trying to obtain Sugar under false pretences.

If we ask you for information please provide it as it helps us get the best deal for you.

Please do not give us a request for Sugar needed now or very urgently unless you have the means to pay for it. Whilst we can offer short term or urgent deliveries in special circumstances, it does also mean that if you want it quick, you have to pay for it quick.
Asking for sugar to be loaded in 24 hours and payment by a form of credit is not going to be a success, it take many days to obtain the correct informal and all the desired checks to be made.

Steps to successful purchasing;

3 very simple things we need:
1. Tonnage … How much do you want? and how often?
2. Where do you want this delivered?
3. How are you going to pay?

If then we ask for extra information, please provide it.

1. Payee or client who is paying for the sugar
2. Clients bank and contact person.

We ask these very important questions for the following reasons:

1. Credit and credibility checks ( credibility means do they follow procedure as outlines in contracts and actual regulations)
2. Bad Debts
3. Embargos or Sanctions
4. Black listing
5. Money laundering
6. Banking Stress Tests.

We will be in many circumstances be requesting a small reservation fee for new customers, this depends on various circumstances, This is required due to the fact there are many clients who waste lots of time wanting a special deal and then play games on confirming the purchase or reservation
Again it is time consuming for us and the mill to put a hold or reservation / booking on stock, then to face delays in contract discussions, when the stock could have been sold many times prior to genuine customers.

If you want to reserve special deal listed just pay a small fee to reserve it, then we have about a week to conclude the contracts before it is released for general sale again.

Safety of Ordering

We have many safety nets for your protection, so that when you order from us everything is 100% safe.

We can provide all the required documentation and escrow accounts.

For more information please ask


Containers 20ft = 26MT

100% MT103
1 x $12,000
2 – 5 x $10,500 ea
6 – 10 x $9,000 ea
11 – 20 x $8,000 ea
21 – 40 x $7,000 ea
41+ x $6,500 ea

Credit: SBLC, LC, SBLC MT760 (Subject to approval)
1 – 9 Not available
10 – 20 x $15,500 ea
21- 40 x $13,000 ea
41+ x $12,500 ea

Trail Orders MT103 ONLY
50 MT $435
75 MT $435
100 MT $428
150 MT $428
200 MT $425
300 MT $420
400 MT $417
500 MT $370
1000 MT $350

Sorry we can not offer full Credit this month (December) on small trial orders.

Intermediate Tonnage MT103 payments and balance MT760 (percentage split to be agreed).
1000 MT $380
2000 MT $370
3000 MT $360
4000 MT $350
5000 MT $340

Standard Tonnage ( Credit Price, subject to availability and terms and conditions) Booking fee required.
12,500 MT @ $425
25,000 MT @ $410
50,000 MT @ $390
100,000 MT @ $360
200,000 MT @ $340

Standard Tonnage ( Split pricing MT103 and MT760 or (Credit based, subject to terms and conditions) Booking fee required.
12,500 MT @ $325
25,000 MT @ $310
50,000 MT @ $290
100,000 MT @ $260

Misc Specials (Booking fee required only MT 103 payments) Delivery by Dec 31st 2016.
100 MT x 5 @$299
200 MT x 4 @$289
500 MT x 2 @$279
1000 MT x 2 @$259
5000 MT x 1 @$249

Loose in Silo (Special terms and Conditions).
100,000 MT @ $135

50 Kgs Bags Special (Special terms and conditions apply).
12,500 MT @ $210
25,000 MT @ $199

25 Kgs Bags Special (Special terms and conditions apply).
50,000 MT @ $150
12,500 MT $300 PMT 25% MT103 75% LC
25,000 MT $280 PMT 25% MT103 75% LC
50,000 MT $250 PMT 25% MT103 75% LC
100,000 MT $199 PMT 25% MT103 75% LC


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