Brazillian Sugar Mills Through ATI Deliver Small Tonnages, Containers, Spots Unbeatable Brazil Sugar Prices – June 2016

logo-sugar  Brazillan Sugar Mills Small Order Specialists

Sugarexbrasil Aquires ATI Sugar Small Tonnage Specialist To Serve You Better!

Dear Sugar buyers, traders, merchants and agents.

We know the difficulty of looking after clients with small tonnage requirements.
Nobody wants to know, the mills and processors just turn a blind eye to us.
The main traders just look at us and rebuff our requests.
The prices we face are extraordinary high
The delivery periods are extreme that it appears that our requests are just to much trouble.

So at SugarexBrasil we have acquired our own small tonnage trader.

ATI Sugar Sales is based in Bangkok (Home of the Thai Sugar Industry)

In any normal year we would be offering Thai sugar, however after the most serious drought for 50 years, we joined forces together to provide the service to small tonnage users.

ATI have been at the sweet end of business in the SE Asian region for over 10 years, their forte is the small end user.
This allows us a second facility in Bangkok and Port Laem Chabang near Chonburi.

Please contact us if you have that small tonnage requirement that is important to you and your customer, and we will set about making you feel important again.

Tonnage range from 100MT to 5,000MT
Containers: 20 & 40 ft available.
Trial orders welcome

Contact our small order specialists today at: